York Cemetery Columbarium

York Cemetery Columbarium

Project Description: The Columbarium is a remarkable fusion of architecture and sustainable technology. At the heart of the columbarium lies its technological prowess  a state-of-the-art Geo-Exchange system.

Project Scope: The Green Method Mechanical Systems, was commisioned to work on the entire mechanical design and installation process, which encompassed various crucial components such as plumbing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and more. Plumbing systems were carefully integrated to manage water-related aspects within the columbarium, working harmoniously with other systems to maintain optimal conditions.

Outcome: The design-built mechanical system at the York Cemetery columbarium yielded remarkable results. The system ensures optimal temperature control, ventilation, and comfort for visitors. Its success not only showcased a commitment to long-term environmental stewardship but also set a precedent for future projects, demonstrating the viability and benefits of eco-friendly mechanical systems.

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    Carrier Mausoleums Construction Inc. (CMC)- Mount Pleasant Group

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