What We Do

“The Green Method™ Energy Systems is a well-established Southern Ontario mechanical company specializing in Geothermal design and installations. From system design to complete systems installation and commissioning, we will support our customers and deliver on all aspects of their projects.

About Green Method

The Green Method specializes in Green HVAC Design and Installations, Geothermal In-floor Heating and Solar Systems. The company has explored and implemented projects such as the integration of solar and geothermal systems; air source heat pumps; the interconnection of hybrid systems as well as solar air, solar hot water, and solar PV. From its beginnings, The Green Method company has built a reputation through a broad range of commercial, institutional, and residential projects.

About Hamilton, ON

Hamilton is located less than an hour west of Canada’s largest city (Toronto) in Southern Ontario -Canada’s most densely populated and economically advanced region- and under an hour away from five major border crossings to the United States of America. Also, Hamilton is home of a highly educated workforce that supports growing companies and it is located within a one hour from a workforce of over 2 Million people. Hamilton’s location is an advantage for businesses. The city’s advanced manufacturing, IT, and health sciences industries can draw on local talent and technical resources, as well as those of nearby Waterloo and Toronto.

About Geothermal

Geothermal Energy offers a consistent and natural supply of heat. A geothermal-heat pump system consists of a heat pump, a delivery system (ductwork, or pexpipes for in-floor heating), and a heat exchanger – a system of pipes buried outside in the ground near the building, called ‘the loop’.

Our history

From its beginnings, The Green Method has built a reputation for innovative design and exceptional service. We have established this reputation through a broad range of residential, commercial and Institutional projects.
We have explored and implemented ideas such as the integration of solar and geothermal systems; air source heat pumps; the interconnection of hybrid systems as well as solar air, solar hot water, and solar PV. These themes have been realised through planed implementation and careful attention to detail.
At The Green Method, we believe that sustainable systems reach beyond simple ‘good practice’, but are the essence of the work we do. We see sustainable design and installations as rethinking the status quo.  An environmentally conscious design has become the main consideration in the ideas and execution of each project.
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Our philosophy

Beginning with client aims, program review, site analysis and contextual considerations, to the evaluation of all credible planning and design options – ours is a first principle approach.Mechanical systems that are environmentally responsible are of prime importance for us.
A true economy in mechanical systems takes both capital and operating costs into account. For both practical and ethical considerations, sustainability has always been a central principle of our design and implementation approach. Our practice has, as a consequence, established new benchmarks in this field.Our approach to mechanical design and installations includes a significant social dimension: For example, the indoor air quality that attracts the best employees and boosts efficiency will also instill a sense of comfort that enhances ideas. Our designs are shaped to ensure the achievement of such outcomes. in each completed project.Want to know how we can help you produce cleaner energy? Contact Us


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