We are passionate about residential geothermal systems, whether we are converting a house from a fossil fuel system to a geothermal system or installing a system in a new house. It is hard to describe our satisfaction when we are taking a fossil fuel system our of a house, and how grateful we are of the customers that trust us to make that conversion.

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What is Geothermal? 

Geothermal energy is the heat from the Earth. It’s clean and sustainable. Even in the winter, when a blanket of snow covers the ground, the earth’s temperature remains constant at only six feet below the surface.
This means you will have a consistent, natural supply of heat to keep you comfortable, even during the coldest winter. A geothermal heat pump system consists of a heat pump, a delivery system (ductwork, or pex pipes for in-floor heating), and a heat exchanger – a system of pipes buried outside in the ground near the building, called ‘the loop’.

Gaston Minetti

founder of the green method

Reducing Energy footprint, delivering unparallel comfort!

Why Geothermal? 


Maintain constant temperature and humidity levels in your home all year long.


No burning flames or noisy air conditioners mean quiet operation in any season.

Low maintenance

Cleaning the electrostatic filter periodically is all that’s needed to keep the system in good running order.

Easy integration

Geothermal works with your home’s existing heating/cooling system, whether it’s forced air, radiators or in-floor radiant.

Geothermal energy gives you comfort

The comfort delivered from Geothermal systems are unparalleled, we hear over and over from our customers how the coziness in their homes gets complimented before the visitors even know that there a geothermal system in the house. This sensation comes from the geothermal system able to deliver heat in a consistent and subtle way, reaching all areas of the house. There is something very noble about this source of heat that feels so natural, a hug from mother earth.

Geothermal energy is Green & Clean

Aside from the electricity to run the system and move this energy from and to the ground, Geothermal energy is renewable and clean. Furthermore, without noisy air conditioners, you are reducing noise pollution as well.

Geothermal energy saves you money

Compared to conventional energy systems such as oil, gas, and electricity, ground-source heat pumps can save 30 to 70 percent on utility costs. Additionally, the lifespan of our systems surpasses conventional HVAC equipment.

Geothermal energy is reliable

Geothermal systems are virtually maintenance free. Cleaning the filter periodically is all that’s needed to keep the system in good running order. A typical heat pump will last about 25 years, and the exterior loop about 75 – 80 years!

Geothermal energy keeps you safe.

Geothermal systems depend on a Thermodynamic cycle to move energy from and to the ground. Nothing is being burnt inside your house; no chemical reactions are taking place where you live, work, or sleep.

Conventional systems rely on the chemical reaction process of burning fuel inside your home or building to provide heat, and if this process is not contained, managed and inspected periodically it could lead to the release of harmful gases, fumes and potentially causing fires. In Ontario alone, 8% of the ignition sources in structure loss fires are related to heating/cooling equipment.


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