The Green Method offers complete Residential Heating, Ventilation and Cooling services in Southern Ontario.

Commercial Geothermal systems are Reliable and efficient.

All this is possible by the implementation of a simplified layout, Variable speed pumping, primary and secondary circuits, and what key, is the proper selection of the pumping system. There is a tendency to oversize equipment, and the proper design is key on accomplishing an efficient design.

Commercial Geothermal systems cost less to operate that traditional Chiller and cooling tower systems.

Traditional Cooling tower systems tax the building owners unnecessarily through a very expensive and exhaustive maintenance contract and schedule.Cooling towers have to be Drained before the winter, boilers have to be inspected periodically for proper operation and safety, the Chillers require very specialized technical expertise to maintain them, and the parts are only available through the manufacturers of those equipment. In addition cooling towers consume immense amount of water during the months of operation and the treatment of that water is expensive.
A well designed an implemented Commercial Geothermal system eliminates all that!

Commercial Geothermal systems free up space!

With the installation of a Commercial Geothermal system the cooling tower/penthouse room on the roof of the building gets eliminated, replaced by a small pump room in the basement. This approach open many possibilities, and without that noisy equipment on the roof the idea of rooftop patios gardens, swimming pools, Amenity rooms take place.

Geothermal energy is Green & Clean

Aside from the electricity to run the system and move this energy from and to the ground, Geothermal energy is renewable and clean. Furthermore, without noisy air conditioners, you are reducing noise pollution as well.

Commercial Geothermal systems provide simultaneous heating and cooling through the building.

Even today most modern buildings are designed with an approach where the whole building either operates in cooling or heating season which means that the central heating of the building is turned on in the fall and the cooling system is turned on in the spring.
With unpredictable weather patterns and a diversified population this approach provide unique challenges.
Our commercial Geothermal systems provide the heat and cooling that you need when you needed!