L.O.H Mausoleum

The diocese of Hamilton’s newest mausoleum opened in June, 2012.The 17,500 square-foot building is located within Resurrection Catholic Cemetery on Garner Road West in Ancaster. The mausoleum houses 1,400 crypt spaces and approximately 1,000 niche spaces.

Based on the successful experience from two previous mausoleums, Green Method was appointed for the supply and installation of the geothermal and ventilation system for the building, including a 30 ton horizontal loop and underground ductwork.

The 17,500 square-foot irregular shape building presented some unique challenges in terms of cooling loads. The building was divided into three zones which had to be threaded independently. Special attention was put into the temperature control of the area below a glass atrium roof. For this specific area, special linear grills provided a heat barrier that prevented the heat radiated by the glass atrium roof to reach the area below.

The project took less than a year to complete, starting from system design, equipment selection, project coordination and implementation, to system commissioning and follow up.

This innovative and environmentally friendly design concept will meet the needs of visitors while contributing to the evolution, longevity and stated mission of the cemetery as a serene site for future generations